Book by Jerome Coopersmith | Music by Mary Rodgers | Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick | Based on on the children's classic by C. Collodi
The lonely old carpenter, Geppetto, carves himself a son from wood and no sooner is the job done than the boy springs to life. The timeless adventures of the puppet who yearns to be a real boy are magically brought alive with a vibrant score from the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning lyricist of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and the multi-award winning composer of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS. This beloved children's classic, devised for a combined cast of puppets and live actors, still amazes and delights, while instilling in youngsters the dangers of selfishness, the importance of honesty, and the power of love.
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Cast Requirements for Pinocchio

2 Men

2 Men

Variable cast of females and males, live actors and puppets

Carlos - a Hispanic cricket.
Gepetto - a kindly gray-haired carpenter.
His Tools:
A Log for Carving
Pinocchio - a wooden boy
Alex - a theatre barker
Harlequin - a character in the show at the theater
Pierrot - Harlequin's rival in the show
Columbine - the object of their rivalry
Fireball - the theater owner
Cat - a feline entrepreneur
Fox - the Cat's sly cohort
Two Policemen
The Magistrate
Mrs. Bluestone, a probation officer
Three Fish

Set Requirements for Pinocchio

PINOCCHIO takes place in a fairytale realm.

Geppetto's Workshop
On the Street
Inside the Theatre
A Path in the Park
A Judicial Hearing Room
The Land of Toys
Inside a Dolphin's Mouth

Materials Notes

This version of PINOCCHIO is designed for a combined cast of live actors and puppets. In the original production the characters of Gepetto, Alex, and Fireball were played by live actos, while all the rest were puppets. There were times in the original staging when a character played by a life actor in most of the scenes would be played by a small puppet in other scenes to simulate a distant view of that character.

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