Me and Juliet
Me and Juliet
Music by Rodgers, Richard | Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Rodgers & Hammerstein's valentine to the theatre takes place both onstage and backstage during the production of a musical entitled-what else?-'Me and Juliet.' This show-within-a-show follows the romance between a chorus girl and an assistant stage manager leading to their secret marriage. Their happy union is threatened by the electrician who still carries a torch for the girl and, in a drunken rage, tries to kill them both. A contrasting romance involves the stage manager, whose credo never to fall for a girl in a show he's working on is complicated when a dancer he's been wooing is suddenly thrown into the cast of 'Me and Juliet.' Informed by rich insights into the world of Broadway-how jobs are gotten and lost, the inside tricks of the trade and the pitfalls of backstage romances-ME AND JULIET is an innovative, irresistible show that consistently delivers both musically and dramatically.
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In 1954 General Foods sponsored a tribute to Rodgers & Hammerstein broadcast on multiple networks. Hosted by Mary Martin and featuring segments from OKLAHOMA!, STATE FAIR, CAROUSEL, ALLEGRO, SOUTH PACIFIC, THE KING AND I and ME AND JULIET with many members of the original casts, it also included special appearances from Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Ed Sullivan, and Rodgers & Hammerstein.
The birthday of musical film actress Shirley Jones. She was born in Smithtown, Pennsylvania. After making her stage debut in the chorus of SOUTH PACIFIC and appearing in ME AND JULIET on Broadway and on tour, she wons the coveted role of Laurey in the movie version of OKLAHOMA! (1955) and followed that with the role of Julie Jordan in the movie of CAROUSEL (1956).
In 1953 the world premiere of ME AND JULIET was presented at the Hanna Theatre, Cleveland.
In 1953 ME AND JULIET opened at the Majestic Theatre, New York, where it ran for 358 performances.
In 1953 the second Broadway revival of OKLAHOMA! opened at City Center, where it ran for 40 performances before going on tour. It joined SOUTH PACIFIC, THE KING AND I, and ME AND JULIET, already running on Broadway, and prompted New York City Mayor Vincent R. Impelliteri to proclaim "Rodgers & Hammerstein Week."""

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"Far and away the best musical of the season...It has a glorious score which we will be hearing for years to come...Hammerstein has caught the true spirit of the theatre." — New York Morning Telegraph
"Far and away the best musical of the season...It has a glorious score which we will be hearing for years to come...Hammerstein has caught the true spirit of the theatre." — New York Morning Telegraph

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Excerpted from "Buried Treasure," as featured in Happy Talk, Volume 9, Issue 3 - Summer 2002:

"ME AND JULIET (1953) was Rodgers & Hammerstein’s self-confessed valentine to the theater, an upbeat, contemporary tale of life and love backstage at a long-running Broadway show. It was also, in Hammerstein’s words, the first of our plays where nobody dies. With ME AND JULIET, the masters of the musical play were experimenting in the frisky and breezy musical comedy vernacular.

A year-long run on Broadway (with Shirley MacLaine in the chorus) was followed by a brief stint in Chicago (with Shirley Jones in the chorus), before ME AND JULIET faded into near oblivion. The R&H Theatre Library rarely licenses it, and our records report no New York stagings in at least 30 years.

In April, the York Theatre presented ME AND JULIET as the third in its all-Rodgers series of Musicals in Mufti. Inventively directed by Michael Montel, the simplicity of the staging "using a couple of step-ladders and little more" neatly quashed the theory that, as originally conceived, this musical was too dependent on technical wizardry for the story and score to work on their own.

As a musical about a musical cast with young performers, ME AND JULIET is ideally primed for the ambitious high school or college market. The cast is able to play on two planes at once "offstage, and onstage" and while the Ô50s setting is richly evocative of Broadway in its heyday, the romantic machinations are timeless. "

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Writers Notes for Me and Juliet

Written By: Richard Rodgers

One day about a year and a half ago I remembered an idea that I had been toying with for six or seven years. I thought it would be fun to do a piece about the musical theatre itself and to do it as truthfully as possible. The idea was to go from place to place within a single theatre -- dressing rooms, wings, offices, the lounge, the alley way, the orchestra pit, the stage itself -- and tell our story at the same time. When I brought the idea to Oscar his enthusiasm re-lighted my own. He had been wanting badly to write in today's terms, and I was aching to get some dance music out of my system.

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  • ME AND JULIET - Orchestration Package (21 Books/25 Players)
    • 1 – Piano Conductor Score
    • 1 – REED I (Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Baritone Sax)
    • 1 – REED II (Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Tenor Sax)
    • 1 – REED III (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax)
    • 1 – REED IV (Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet)
    • 1 – REED V (Clarinet, Bassoon, Tenor Sax, Bass Sax)
    • 1 – HORN
    • 1 – TRUMPET I-II
    • 1 – TRUMPET III-IV
    • 1 – TROMBONE I
    • 1 – TROMBONE II
    • 1 – TROMBONE III
    • 1 – PERCUSSION (see "Materials Notes", under "Production Information")
    • 1 – VIOLIN A (Divisi)
    • 1 – VIOLIN B (Divisi)
    • 1 – VIOLIN C (Divisi)
    • 1 – VIOLA
    • 1 – CELLO
    • 1 – BASS
    • 1 – HARP
    • 1 – PIANO (Piano Conductor Score)
  • Perusal Package (1 Lib., 1 VB)
    • 1 – Libretto
    • 1 – Vocal Book
  • Rehearsal Set (42 Books)
    • 20 – Libretto
    • 1 – Logo CD
    • 20 – Vocal Book
    • 2 – Piano Vocal Scores
    • Digital Logo


    • 1 – Libretto
    • 1 – Piano Vocal Scores

Cast Requirements for Me and Juliet

2 Women
3 Men

7 Women
11 Men

Large singing-dancing ensemble consisting of Theatre Patrons, Company, Stage Crew, Audience.

George - 2nd Assistant Stage Manager
Sidney - Electrician
Jeanie - Chorus Singer
Herbie - Candy Counter Boy
Chris - Rehearsal Piano Player
Milton - Drummer
Stu - Bass Fiddle Player
Michael - A Chorus
Bob - Electrician
Larry - Assistant Stage Manager
Mac - Stage Manager
Monica - Chorus Dancer
Ruby - Company Manager
Charlie (Me) - Featured Lead
Dario - Conductor
Lily (Juliet) - Singing Principal
Jim (Don Juan) - Principal Dancer
Susie (Carmen) - Principal Dancer
Voice of Mr. Harrison - Producer
Voice of Miss Davenport - Choreographer
Hilda - An aspirant for a dancing part
Marcia - Another aspirant for a dancing part
Betty - Successor to Susie as Principal Dancer
Buzz - Principal Dancer
Ralph - Alley Dancer
Miss Oxford - A Bit Player
Sadie - An Usher
Mildred - Another Usher
Theatre Patrons
Stage Crew

Set Requirements for Me and Juliet

ME AND JULIET takes place in and around the theatre in which the show-within-the-show, 'ME AND JULIET,' is currently playing.

The Orchestra Pit
First Scene of ME AND JULIET
The Light Brigade
Alley Leading to the Stage Door
Betty's Dressing Room
Night Club Scene in ME AND JULIET
Downstairs Lounge in the Theatre
The Bar Across the Street
Second Act Sequence from ME AND JULIET
Theatre Manager's Office
Last Scene from ME AND JULIET

Materials Notes

Trap Set, Timpani, Triangle, Bells, Castanets, Optional Maracas, Tambourine, Cow Bells, Wood Block, Xylophone.

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