School Of Rock
School Of Rock

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  • SCHOOL OF ROCK - Libretto Vocal 10 Pack
    • 10 – Libretto Vocal
  • SCHOOL OF ROCK - Pre-Production Pack
    • 1 – Piano Vocal
    • 1 – Libretto Vocal

Cast Requirements for School Of Rock

Cast of Characters

Dewey Finn
Rosalie Mullins
Ned Schneebly

Summer Hathaway
Zack Mooneyham (guitar)
Freddy Hamilton(drums)
Katie (bass)
Lawrence (piano / keyboard)
Billy Sandford
Mason Ward

Mrs. Sheinkopf
Mr. Green
Gabe Brown
Mr. Sanders
Ms. Gordon
Mr. Woodward
Mr. Janes
Ms. Macapugay
Mr. Wagner

Mr. Mooneyham
Mrs. Hathaway
Mr. Williams
Mr. Spencer
Mr. Sandford
Mr. Ward
Mr. Hamilton
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Travis

Jeff Sanderson – Manager of Battle of the Bands
Theo (No Vacancy)
Doug (No Vacancy)
Bob (No Vacancy)
Snake (No Vacancy)
Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2

Note: Teachers, Parents and Other characters may be doubled as it is performed on Broadway.

Set Requirements for School Of Rock

SCHOOL OF ROCK takes place in the present day in the following locations:

The Olympic Powerhouse
Ned’s Apartment & Dewey’s Bedroom
Rehearsal Space
Horace Green School – The Assembly Hall, The Music Room, The Faculty Lounge, Classrooms and Hallways
Students’ Homes
The Palace Theatre – Onstage and Offstage
The Roadhouse

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