The Cocoanuts (Bedard Adaptation)
The Cocoanuts (Bedard Adaptation)
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin | Book by George S. Kaufman | Adapted by Mark Bedard
The service stinks but the gags are four-star in this Marx Brothers romp with an Irving Berlin score. Groucho owns a bum hotel in Florida and peddles dubious real estate to gullible Northerners seeking a place in the sun. He’s after a rich society dame, who’s after an eligible match for her daughter, who’s in love with the hotel’s head clerk. Trouble rolls in with the tide when the other Marxes arrive and mama’s eligible match turns out to be anything but. Mark Bedard’s adaptation of THE COCOANUTS premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2014 and is designed for a small cast of 12.
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"Fish fly. Teacups soar. Doors slam and puns fall like rain. Welcome back, Marx Brothers. ... a delirious jalopy of awful jokes, brilliant physical comedy and caustic improvisations with a cackling audience.”

“Go, enjoy. Maybe see it more than once because it will never be the same show twice.” — David Stabler, The Oregonian, February 26, 2014
"uproariously hilarious ... a side-splitting laughter based on the Marx Brothers classic 1930 film, the bros are back and creating more wacky joy in 'Cocoanuts.'" — Lee Juillerat, Herald and News, February 27, 2014
“Amid the mayhem are Irving Berlin's gorgeous songs, including the beloved 'Always'..." “If there's a criticism at all, it's that it is nearly impossible to hear all of the clever lines penned by George S. Kaufman, the Marx Brothers and Bedard: The audience is laughing just too dang much.” — Cathy Noah, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 26, 2014
"It is, in fact, one of the funniest and most satisfying evenings of entertainment I’ve experienced at [Oregon Shakespeare Festival]." — Alan “Rosey” Rosenberg, Ashland Play Reviews, February 24, 2014
“. . . [T]he perfect amount of classy, quirky comedy.” "Don’t blink, or else you may miss a knee-slapping uproar." — Emily Havens, The Spectrum, July 08, 2016
“The Cocoanuts” so gleefully demonstrates, we don’t need the real Marx Brothers to generate the kind of merry mayhem that made them movie legends." “‘The Cocoanuts’ [balances] numerous nutty elements with . . . ease. — Carol Cling, Las Vegas Review Journal, July 07, 2016

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    • 15 – Libretto
    • 15 – Piano Vocal Score



    Cast Requirements for The Cocoanuts (Bedard Adaptation)

    5 Women
    7 Men

    NATE – A member of the Cocoanut Trio. Could be a maintenance man, janitor, chef, doorman, etc of the hotel.
    TRIXIE – A member of the Cocoanut Trio. Could be a maid, housekeeper, chef, server, etc of the hotel.
    COCO – A member of the Cocoanut Trio. Could be a maid, housekeeper, chef, server, etc of the hotel.
    ROBERT JAMISON (Zeppo) – high-strung, jittery, bottled-up, unconfident. He is the only remaining clerk and bellhop in the hotel. Loves Polly Potter.
    PENELOPE MARTIN – a conwoman of the upper class. Cunning.
    HARVEY YATES – a member of the privileged class. Secretly broke. He wants to marry Polly Potter for her money.
    MRS. POTTER – the embodiment of the privileged, upper class.
    POLLY POTTER – torn between her upbringing and her own forward thinking. Loves Robert Jamison.
    MR. HAMMER (Groucho) – Jamison’s boss. Proprietor of The Cocoanuts Hotel and Cocoanut Manor.
    CHICO (Willie Wony Diddydony) – a petty thief with an Italian accent.
    HARPO (Silent Red) – a mute, petty thief.
    DETECTIVE HENNESSEY – large and intimidating. Very serious. Represents authority and the right arm of the one percent. Can also play a random guest in the beginning of the play.

    Set Requirements for The Cocoanuts (Bedard Adaptation)

    The play takes place in Florida during the 1920’s Florida land boom. It was later followed by a bust, which history has shown is part of any boom and bust cycle.

    Act 1
    Scene 1: The Lobby of the Cocoanuts, Cocoanut Beach, Florida
    Scene 2: Before The Palms (in one)
    Scene 3: Two Rooms In The Hotel
    Scene 4: Before The Palms
    Scene 5: Cocoanut Manor
    Act 2
    Scene 1: The Lounge Of The Hotel
    Scene 2: Before The Palms
    Scene 3: The Engagement Dinner

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