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The birthday of Broadway director and producer Harold Prince. Prince directed the 1994 revival of SHOW BOAT, and the premieres of EVITA, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, LOVEMUSIK, and CABARET. His hit collaborations with Stephen Sondheim include FOLLIES, COMPANY, and SWEENEY TODD.
In 1986, the original production of EVITA closed in London after a West End run of 2,900 performances.
In 1979, EVITA opened on Broadway at the Broadway Theatre starring Patti LuPone in the title role. It ran for 1,567 performances, and won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Book, Score, and Direction.
The birthday of Tim Rice, lyricist and longtime collaborator with Andrew Lloyd Webber on EVITA, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. Rice also contributed lyrics to the Disney films ALADDIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and THE LION KING.
In 1978, EVITA premiered at the West End's Prince Edward Theatre where it ran for 2,900 performances.
In 1983 EVITA closed on Broadway after a run of 1,567 performances and seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

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"VIVA EVITA! Forget the ballyhoo. the show really is a total triumph. A technical knockout, a magnificent earful, a visual triumph and a wow." — Daily Mirror
"Evita is marvellous modern opera." — The London Times

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Like JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s EVITA began first as a double album in 1976 followed by the stage production at the Prince Edward Theatre in London in 1978. The show was conceived after Tim Rice visited Argentina in February 1974. The story itself tells the tale of Eva Peron, Argentina’s controversial First Lady, and her rise to fame.

EVITA premiered at the Broadway Theatre in New York on September 25, 1979, where it would run for 1,567 performances. The show marked legendary director Hal Prince’s first collaboration with Webber (they would later team up for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in 1988).

The 1981 cast recording was awarded a Grammy Award, and there have been over 100 covers of the hit single "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." The song was first recorded by Julie Covington and sold over 2 million copies—it was Webber and Rice's first UK no. 1. Pop-star Madonna played the title role alongside Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Pryce in the 1996 movie version. The first major revival of EVITA, directed by Michael Grandage and starring Elena Roger, opened at the Adelphi Theatre in London June 21, 2006 to rave reviews.

Awards for Evita

L.A. Drama Critics Circle Awards

January 01, 1980 — Awards including Distinguished Achievement
January 01, 1980 — Awards including Distinguished Achievement

Laurence Olivier Awards (London)

January 01, 1978 — 2 Awards for Musical of the Year and Performance of the Year in a Musical

Golden Globe Awards

January 01, 1997 — 3 Awards including Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical) and Best Original Song

Drama Desk Awards

January 01, 1980 — 6 Awards, including Outstanding Musical, Outstanding Music and Outstanding Lyrics

Academy Awards

January 01, 1997 — Best Music–Original Song

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Writers Notes for Evita

Written By: Andrew Lloyd Webber

EVITA was Tim Rice's idea. He was very intrigued by the fact that she was mentioned in the context of a whole load of fifties figures who were very successful, including people like James Dean, and I think he was curious to find out why she became this kind of cult figure, this huge figure in Argentina. And I think he became very attracted to the story.

The biggest problem for me as the composer of it is that of course I could have let the whole thing go as a high romance. I could make everybody cry their eyes out at the end of all this, but that was not the point of the piece. In a way, the piece had to keep this slightly Brechtian approach to the whole thing, where you have the Ché character able to commentate on the quite grisly things that she did. And to turn her into some sort of great romantic figure would have been really quite easy. But no, I never fell in love with the woman—very much the reverse. When Tim talked to me about the idea of doing the piece, I thought that if I could crack the moment where she did some piece which indeed did turn into an anthem, then I would have done it. This is a very interesting dramatic thing, because here you have a song that represents Eva Perón at her very height and at her most manipulative—when she's speaking on the Casa Rosada balcony—and yet the song eventually turns on her. When she does the final broadcast, it becomes something which is really pathetic. And I thought, if I could crack that, then I've got a dramatic line through the piece from which most other things would follow. And so, in fact, "Don't Cry for Me" was the first thing I wrote. And if that hadn't happened, I don't think we would have gone on to do EVITA. It's very hard, because I just know that we had to have one central thing like that. It was the gangplank of the whole thing. But, in fact, the song that would carry the show or would carry the person playing Eva Perón in the theater was "Rainbow High." If the artist cracked that, then the show was theirs.

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  • Rehearsal Set (26 Books)
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    • 1 – Trombone
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    • 1 – Drum
    • 1 – Percussion (Orchestral Bass Drum, Timpani, Tam Tam, Bongos, Gran Cassa, Marimba, Glock, Large Temple Blocks, Congas, Timbales, Xylophone, Triangle, Small Woodblocks, Snare, Guiro, Ride Cymbal, Metal Cabasa, Whistle, Tamourine
    • 1 – Violin 1
    • 2 – Violin 2 & 3
    • 1 – Viola
    • 1 – Cello


  • Libretto Vocal 10-Pack
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  • EVITA - Pre-Production Package
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Cast Requirements for Evita

1 Woman
2 Men

1 Woman
1 Men

Singing-dancing ensemble consisting of the people of Argentina

Eva Peron
Peron's Mistress
Men, Women and Children of Argentina

Set Requirements for Evita

EVITA takes place in Argentina between 1934 and 1952.

A Cinema in Buenos Aires
A Nightclub in Junin
Buenos Aires
A Vaudeville Stage
Backstage at the Theatre Colon
A Bedroom
A Balcony
The face of the Casa Rosada

Materials Notes

KEYBOARD II: Piano, Prophet 5 Synthesizer with volume pedal
(Two Players): Bomba, Cymbal, Timpani, Marimba, Maracas, Tam-Tam, Wood Block, Slap Stick, Whip, Triangle, Castanets, Gong and Gourd Scrapper

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