The Cocoanuts
The Cocoanuts
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin | Book by George S. Kaufman
The Marx Brothers infiltrate the Florida real estate boom circa 1920 and find Margaret Dumont, jewels to steal, pockets to pick, lovers to confuse, hotel guests to confound, and a treasure trove of songs by Irving Berlin. The show that introduced the standard 'Always' in 1925 was a smash Off-Broadway hit in 1997. We are proud to make this historic madcap romp available, so Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo-brush up your slap-stick and head south for a feast of wild hilarity!
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In 1928 THE COCOANUTS opened at the Garrick Theatre, London.
The birthday of George S. Kaufman, book writer for THE COCOANUTS and I'D RATHER BE RIGHT. Kaufman was born in 1889.
In 1925, THE COCOANUTS opened in New York.

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"This happy confection offers not only the resurrection of Groucho, Chico and Harpo, but also thw wit of George S. Kaufman and a score by Irving Berlin that includes the ever-green 'Always'" — The New York Times, January 01, 1996
"Full of snappy novelty numbers . . . everything works to do what old-fashioned musicals used to do - entertain." — New York Daily News, January 01, 1925
"Full of snappy novelty numbers . . . everything works to do what old-fashioned musicals used to do - entertain." — New York Daily News, January 01, 1996

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  • THE COCOANUTS - Orchestration Package (8 Books/7 Players)
    • 1 – Piano Conductor Score
    • 1 – Reed I (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax)
    • 1 – Reed II (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax)
    • 1 – Violin
    • 1 – Trumpet
    • 1 – Bass (Doubling Tuba)
    • 1 – Percussion (see "Materials Notes", under "Production Information")
  • THE COCOANUTS - Rehearsal Set (22 Books)
    • 20 – Libretto Vocal Book
    • 1 – Logo CD
    • 2 – Piano Conductor Score
    • Digital Logo


  • THE COCOANUTS - Libretto Vocal Book 10 Pack
    • 10 – Libretto Vocal Book
  • THE COCOANUTS - Pre-Production Pack
    • 1 – Libretto Vocal Book
    • 1 – Piano Conductor Score

Cast Requirements for The Cocoanuts

3 Women
5 Men (including 4 Marx Brothers)

2 Men

Singing-dancing ensemble with numerous small roles.

Jamison (Zeppo)
Mrs. Potter
Harvey Yates
Penelope Martyn
Polly Potter
Robert Adams
Henry W. Schlemmer (Groucho)
Willie the Shill (Chico)
Silent Sam (Harpo)

Set Requirements for The Cocoanuts

THE COCOANUTS takes place in 1925 at the Cocoanut Hotel in Cocoanut Beach, Florida.

The Lobby of the Cocoanut Hotel
Two Rooms in the Hotel
Florida Drop
Auction Drop
The Patio of the Cocoanut Manor
The Veranda

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