Taking a Chance on Love
Taking a Chance on Love
Music by Leonard Berstein, Vernon Duke, Duke Ellington, Donald Fuller, John Latouche, Douglas Moore, Jerome Moross, Wolfgang Mozart, James Mundy, Earl Robinson and John Strauss | Developed by Erik Haagensen | Based on an idea by James Morgan | Originally Produced by The York Theatre Company
The life and career of Broadway lyricist John Latouche have been woven together into a vibrant musical portrait of an endlessly fascinating character. As an openly gay man in the 1950’s, Latouche traveled in rarified circles that included many swells of the time. TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE weaves together his spectacular lyrical output with candid entries from his personal journals to chronicle one of the most intriguing paths ever forged in the musical theater. Largely considered a precursor of Sondheim, he wrote the lyrics for such landmark shows as CABIN IN THE SKY and CANDIDE and for such neglected gems as THE GOLDEN APPLE and the Carol Channing vehicle, THE VAMP. His major breakthrough came with BALLAD FOR AMERICANS, which became a national sensation in its vision of an America that draws strength from its ethnic and religious diversity, long before the concept of “multiculturalism” was to be articulated. Ironically, he was blacklisted as un-American at the time. His musical BEGGAR’S HOLIDAY featured the first romantic interracial kiss in a Broadway musical, causing nightly walk outs. Clearly ahead of his time in both his life and his work, Latouche died in 1956 at the age of 41.
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The birthday of Earl Robinson, composer of TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.
The birthday of Douglas Moore, who composed the musical TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.
In 1903, Veron Duke was born - composer of the show TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.

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“A perfectly engaging show…It made me eager for more of John Latouche.” — New York Post
“A marvelous show…a skillfully woven musical profile…to hear his songs is to experience penultimate rapture….One of the most sophisticated shows I’ve seen in a long, long time.” — New York Observer
“Clever lyrics from many a fine musical!” — New York Magazine
“A sublimely gifted songwriter whose life illuminated the ironies of his times, his name adorns some of the most memorable songs in Broadway history…sublimely clever gems.” — Associated Press
“A fine show…Latouche’s work was of mostly extraordinary quality…TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE is entertaining and valuable.” — Broadway.com

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Written By: Erik Haagensen

I created the musical revue called TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE: THE LYRICS AND LIFE OF JOHN LATOUCHE, which ran Off-Broadway at the York Theatre in February and March of 2000, got very nice notices, and was recorded by Original Cast Records. You can order it through Amazon.com.The show used excerpts from Latouche's private journals, letters etc., plus comments by his contemporaries about him, all woven together with his songs to make a sort of "musical portrait" of his life (that was Rex Reed's term in his favorable review for the show). The four-person cast consisted of Terry Burrell, Jerry Dixon, Donna English, and Eddie Korbich (who won an Obie for his performance). Composers featured on the disc include Leonard Bernstein (including a previously unheard cut duet from CANDIDE), Duke Ellington, Vernon Duke, and, of course, Jerome Moross, including liberal excerpts from the Moross/Latouche BALLET BALLADS, a show that was a precursor to THE GOLDEN APPLE. The show has just been licensed by the Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatre Library and will shortly be available for regional productions (it took a while to get the far-flung copyright releases together for all of the songs in the show). So with any luck, you may have an opportunity to see it at some point in the future. In the meantime, if you like THE GOLDEN APPLE, I bet you'll like TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.

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2 Pianists

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TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE is a revue and does not require any specific set.

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