Get to Know the R&H Theatricals Staff: Michelle Yaroshko

Show Business introduces you to the members of our R&H Theatricals Staff with a Q&A.
Get to know Professional Licensing Manager Michelle Yaroshko.

Full Name: Michelle Yaroshko

Job Title: Manager, Professional Licensing

Favorite R&H musical: SOUTH PACIFIC

Favorite R&H song: The Carousel Waltz

Favorite caffeinated beverage: coffee

Most played CD on your iPod: Liz Callaway’s new CD “Passage of Time”

If you could be any character from an R&H show, who would you be and why? Nellie Forbush – I love the emotional path that she takes in SOUTH PACIFIC.

Favorite lunch food: Greek salad with grilled chicken

Favorite show(s) you've performed in: SOUTH PACIFIC, EVITA and CABARET

Favorite travel destination: Paris

Favorite TV show: Glee

Favorite things about working at R&H: I really enjoy working with our customers and because of them, no two days are ever the same.

Favorite Broadway actor: Hugh Jackman

What you're currently reading: Julie & Julia

Do you have more blue or black pens at your desk? blue

Your computer desktop background: New England coast  

Something all customers should know (about you): I performed professionally for 15 years, was a choreographer and director and worked at Radio City Music Hall for 5 years as Associate Producer of the Rockettes - so I understand what our customers are managing on their end.

Complete this sentence: "A day at R&H isn't complete without…" an afternoon trip to Starbucks.

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