The Dances of R&H

Legendary choreographer Agnes de Mille revolutionized the way dance was used in musicals, especially with her choreography for OKLAHOMA! and CAROUSEL.  She made them an essential part of the storytelling, and late in her life, she agreed to share her insights for the camera, exclusively for us. We are proud to include a DVD for each show with your rehearsal material. Filmed especially for "The Dances of CAROUSEL" are her dances - complete - for the show, along with commentary by de Mille and her deputy Gemze de Lappe.  The de Mille dances for this show are available in no other form, since she did not choreograph the movie.  For "The Dances of OKLAHOMA!," Gemze de Lappe guides us through historic footage of de Mille (she had died before this film was made) and her dances.  These are essential guides toward making your production of these shows successful. Click the following to license OKLAHOMA! or CAROUSEL.

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