Get to Know the R&H Theatricals Staff: Larisa "Lissi" Borshman

Full Name: Larisa "Lissi" Borshman

Job Title: Amateur Licensing Representative

Favorite R&H musical: OKLAHOMA!

Favorite customer phone call: I always enjoy the calls when customers ask, "Where are my materials?" when I know that they were delivered to them two days earlier!

Favorite R&H song: I have two favorites: "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair" and "I Cain't Say No."

Favorite caffeinated beverage: Coffee

Most played song on your iPod: I don't have an iPod!

If you could be any character from an R&H show, who would you be and why? Ado Annie

Favorite lunch food: Sushi

Favorite travel destination: Las Vegas and Miami

Favorite thing about working at R&H: I get to wear comfy clothes to the office.

Favorite actor: Ryan Reynolds

Favorite TV Show : Family Guy

What you're currently reading/book to recommend: I love to read health magazines.

Favorite place in Manhattan: The train back to Brooklyn!

Your computer desktop background: White tiger cubs.

Three things all customers should know (about you or R&H): 1.) My name is Lissi, which is often misheard on the phone. 2.) Please have your account number handy when calling us. 3.) I love expensive gifts....

Complete this sentence: "A day at R&H isn't complete without" someone calling about materials shipments!

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