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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and Tim Rice’s eternal musical—JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR—is based on the world’s most eternal story.  It’s a story that is told over and over again with tours of the musical having crisscrossed the globe for years.  And there are no signs of a slow down.  In fact, interest in this musical continues to pour in.  Several exciting ideas are in development.  As a result—please be advised that R&H Theatricals will cease licensing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR for performances beginning in 2009. We cannot accept applications for performance rights at this time.

Look for further announcements regarding SUPERSTAR’s future availability. We will shout a joyful “Hosanna” when that time arrives. Meanwhile, please submit an application for other musicals in the R&H Theatricals catalogue by visiting

We look forward to assisting you. Let’s go on with the show!!

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This item is 3 years old. Is this the latest?!!! What's the buzz now?
Posted by Frank C. on Aug 2, 2011
Why don't you go do it... You want me to do it... Hurry their waiting for so long.....................
Posted by Musical Theatre Village on Sep 13, 2012
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