Returning Your Materials Is as Easy as A-B-C!

Returning Your Materials Is as Easy as A–B–C:

  1. Complete the ARS (Authorized Return Service) label sent with your material. (Please fill out your organization name, return address and zip code in the space provided.)
  2. Enclose a packing slip with your material, seal the box, and place the ARS label on the front of your package.
  3. Give your package to any UPS Driver.  You can also use any convenient UPS Drop-Off  location or UPS store.

Don't forget to retain your tracking numbers.

Note:  This service is only available to our customers in the continental United States.

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The return address is in Minnesota - is this correct? Also, I'm not seeing a place I can print out another return label for the orchestration. Do I send that to the same address in Minnesota? Norma B
Posted by Trinity Christian Academy on Apr 25, 2017
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