R&H GOES POP! Continues with "The Sweetest Sounds" Performed by Kyle Selig!

The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization is proud to announce the release of their fifth music video for the “R&H Goes Pop!” video series! The video features Kyle Selig (Mean Girls, The Book of Mormon), putting a modern twist on “The Sweetest Sounds” from the 1962 Richard Rodgers musical, No Strings, featuring music direction and arrangements by Jacob Fjeldheim.

"What led me to choose this song, initially, was all lyric-based. It's all these large sweeping ideas about imagination,” said Kyle Selig. “The guitar playing became an extension of that. I’ve never actually played in front of people before. For me, this song is sort of a promise: I'm going to pursue what makes me happy, things that I enjoy doing, even if they’re outside my comfort zone, and I hope that idea might make someone who hears this song feel like they can try something new.”

Watch R&H Goes Pop!'s "The Sweetest Sounds" now!




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