Jelani Alladin and Matt Doyle reimagine "We Kiss in a Shadow" from THE KING AND I for R&H GOES POP!

Jelani Alladin and Matt Doyle have teamed up with arranger Will Van Dyke to reimagine “We Kiss in a Shadow” from THE KING AND I as part of the R&H Goes Pop! series.

“Anyone who has felt like they weren’t able to express who they are or how they love can listen to this song and find a connection." - Matt Doyle 

“Unfortunately, we are living in a world, in a space, that doesn’t value love of all kinds. This song is our way of understanding how we can begin to accept love of all kinds, to embrace the ugliness, the beautifulness of all of it and understand that we are all human.” - Jelani Alladin 

Watch the official music video on the Rodgers & Hammerstein YouTube Channel now!



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