ALLEGRO Opens at Southwark Playhouse!

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II's ALLEGRO opened at Southwark Playhouse on August 12, 2016! Read the reviews!

“A timeless classic that has the ability to feel both of and ahead of its time in every respect. An utterly charming and painfully honest musical theatre delight.” -London Theatre

“Here is a real rarity, but a completely spellbinding musical event.” -The Stage

Allegro is a musical for people who love musicals as well as people who don’t believe in musicals. A rare joy – not to be missed.” -Live Theatre UK

“It is both a parable of its period, and revolutionary.” -Plays To See

Watch this video to see what audiences are saying about ALLEGRO!


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-The complete recording of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ALLEGRO is available HERE (US Customers) or HERE (UK Customers). 

Gary Tushaw and Company (Photo by Scott Rylander)
Gary Tushaw and Emily Bull (Photo by Scott Rylander)
Gary Tushaw, Emily Bull and Company (Photo by Scott Rylander)
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