High school show
Posted by Rob Bradford
08/14/11 07:50 PM

Is Cinderella a good show to do for a high school?

04/13/12 02:34 PM


We just finished our musical "Cinderella", and the kids and I had a blast doing it.  We created our own sets, and manufactured holders for the sets, sang and danced and I had them begging to do it again.  Now, the students were mostly 9th grade and below, so these musicals are not meant for 'high school', so you might have to think about the age group that you are doing it with.  In fact, the contract says 9th grade and under.  I had a very small number of high school students as stage managers, and sound and mike technicians, but the main actors/actresses were 7th grade through 9th grade.  Hope this helps.

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