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05/21/15 05:56 AM

Is this a possibility? And if so, can someone give me a heads up where to begin? I'm not sure if I'd request the full rights or what. We really want to do it as a fundraiser for a new and upcoming theater company. And I'm getting a little turned around on... Discuss This Topic

11/10/14 05:50 PM

This show would be ideal for our youth theatre based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Are there any plans to release UK performing rights for this title?... Discuss This Topic

We are 5 weeks away from the show and trying to find the best blood to use. The dumping will be lighting and projections but we still need actual stage blood. Don't want to use any food based product to avoid ants, etc Of course non staining would be gre... Discuss This Topic

Tell us all about your production of CARRIE the musical!... Discuss This Topic

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