Cinderella Coach amd two Carousel horses for sale or rent
Posted by Faith Christian Academy
09/07/13 06:12 PM

Denver Colorado area - We have a Cinderella coach and 2 carousel horses for sale or rent. $550 a week and $300 for the second week.
You must pay shipping or pick up the coach and horses.  This prop was used in the Colorado Opera performance of Cinderella.

We also have great costumes, we can sell or rent to you. 

04/25/14 10:44 AM

I would be very interested in these - are there pictures somewhere?  Way to contact you?  THANKS!

12/04/14 08:13 PM

Any word on this? I too am interested.

08/18/15 07:35 PM

Are the coach and horses still available for rent or sell? I am very interested. Thank you.

09/02/15 03:16 PM

Are the coach and horses still available? VERY interested?

10/13/17 10:38 PM

Are these still available? If so, could you send some pictures to

02/24/18 12:35 AM

Could you send an email to if this is still available?

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