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Beauiful Ornate mirror with sliding 2 way mirror panel suitable for flying and metal Phantom organ for sale.  Location: Dubuque, Iowa.... Discuss This Topic

09/19/17 09:36 PM

At The Theatre Company, we ship costumes nationwide daily. Check out photos available on our website at To speak with one of our friendly in-house designers to get all your availability and pricing questions answered, call us at (909) 9... Discuss This Topic

We have a wonderful grand staircase (in 3 sections that roll together) and opera box for sale.  Please contact [email protected] for photos.  ... Discuss This Topic

06/13/16 04:12 PM

Large rolling elephant for first scene of Phantom for sale to best offer. Must pick up at Severna Park High School 60 Robinson Rd Severna Park,MD 21146 by December 2016.... Discuss This Topic

TheatreWorld has an entire collection of backdrops to support PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, one of the most successful musicals of all time. Convey the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House with backdrops like PARIS OPE... Discuss This Topic

Beauitful Boat Chandelier and Organ. Please contact for pictures and video.... Discuss This Topic

04/08/15 03:11 PM

We have a boat for rent. It is remote controlled and be done so from a distance. It work very well for us. I have pictures and video if you would like to see them... Discuss This Topic

03/19/14 09:16 PM

We have an unbelieveable professional Phantom set for sale. Items include:Chandelier with cover, motorized boat, six candelabras,disappearing chair, organ, elephant, large DAAE tombstone with 4 additional crosses, Staircase for the mascarade scene on whee... Discuss This Topic

Just finished our production of PHANTOM and we have the following for rent. Boat (wheelchair battery) controled by christine, Vanishing throne, Organ and broadway replica costumes. Email [email protected] or check out Marcus Whitman Visual and Perfor... Discuss This Topic

For Rental: Full Lace and Lace Front Wigs for the Phantom. Items are available in human hair or synthetic options. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information as well as photos.  ... Discuss This Topic

All of the set pieces for a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA have been professionally built and were used for a run of four performances.  All are in pristine condition, ready to be used, and include:  the sliding ... Discuss This Topic

We are performing Phantom of the opera in May of 2013 and we will have various set items for sale. (starting June 1, 2013)  These items include:Boat (Motorized) Elephant, Chandelier, Disappearing Chair, Many various Props (will discuss specific list)... Discuss This Topic

02/13/13 11:08 AM

Beautiful costumes, wigs & footwear available. Full line of SFX make-up. Check out our facebook page for more information.... Discuss This Topic

Outfit your production of The Phantom of the Opera with costumes from Theatrix Costume House, home of one of North America's largest collection of theatrical rental costumes. We have an excellent stock of costumes for this show.  For photos and a sa... Discuss This Topic

01/30/13 01:38 PM

Phantom make up ,wig , throne vanish ,hand flashers for the auctioneers cable, fire shooter for wandering child and the phantoms flashing wand just like during the new 2013 tour chandelier crash available to rent or buy , I am also building a chandelier ,... Discuss This Topic

We did a production of "Phantom of the Opera" last May and have several items that might be of interest to those planning to produce the show. They include: -Black and Gold Pipe Organ based off the B'way design-Black Throne with escape door-Antique w... Discuss This Topic

Rob Lake Theatrical has provided the special effects and illusions for hundreds of musical productions From Equity to Schools to Community productions, the services of Rob Lake Theatrical magically bring your production to life.  We have rentals, bl... Discuss This Topic

Hi Everyone,Here in the UK, now that the licence for Phantom has just been released, I'm really aware that there's very little in terms of props for hire!We've just built a Chandelier for our production in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and happy to hire out ... Discuss This Topic

Gorgeous disappearing Phantom Chair & non-motorized boat for sale.  Boat can be maneuvered manually with one student in the bottom while Christine and Phantom ride 'normal'.Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in pictures, etc.&n... Discuss This Topic

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA SET FOR SALE Available set pieces available are: 1. The entire lair scene: Candle lit organ, motorized boat with decorative bedding, 6 electrified candelabras, Phantom disappearing chair 2. Entire graveyard scene: massive Daae Cr... Discuss This Topic

Hello! Putting on the Phantom in November in the UK and need the following, if possible.... Chandelier Mirror Tombstone to begin with.. However I am in the UK and I guess most of you are based across the waters - so would any of you know any UK based... Discuss This Topic

Grand Ledge High School is selling the boat, staircase, and dressing room from its recent production of Phantom. 1) An electric boat built with the motor from an electric wheelchair.  Christine controls the speed with a small joystick in the very fro... Discuss This Topic

05/03/12 01:13 PM

Freedom High School has opera boxes (15 feet), candleabras, boat, various props and disappearing mirror for sale or rent. These are all beautiful pieces that will add a professional feel to your production of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Please contact J M&... Discuss This Topic

05/01/12 08:36 PM

We have a lovely glass beaded three tier chandelier for rent. It is rigged to break into two sections and is also wired to "explode" using regular stage electrics that can be run from a light board. $200.00 rental fee. email [email protected] Discuss This Topic

Hello, If you are looking for amazing set pieces, props, and wigs for your production of "The Phantom of The Opera," look no further. Visit Discuss This Topic

03/31/12 01:27 PM

We are offering, for sale, a beautiful beaded, three-tiered, chandelier for sale, used in the recent production of Phantom of the Opera.  When hanging, it measures approximately six feet high, and the center ring is six feet in diameter.  It con... Discuss This Topic

We have a number of open dates for our rentals, please visit our website for more  ... Discuss This Topic

All set pieces are professional quality!  We have an incredible chandelier, a motorized boat for the lair, opera boxes, dressing room set with 2 way mirror that opens, manager's office large walls, beautiful Daae mausoleum, large black gate similar t... Discuss This Topic

TheatreWorld is pleased to announce that it has just released it's Signature Series of backdrops for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! TheatreWorld Backdrops offers the finest backdrops at the most reasonable cost!  New drops added weekly!  Visit www.... Discuss This Topic

02/29/12 10:48 AM

Beautiful costumes for The Phantom Of The Opera. Just added another full set of show costumes. Masks, wigs and footwear also available. Checks us out on Facebook or contact us at [email protected] Discuss This Topic

We still have a number of openingsifor our rentals. contact us now .  visit our website:  or email to :  [email protected] Discuss This Topic

We produced this show in March 2011 and it was the first show that this college has produced in it's 62 years of producing large-scale musicals that sold out every single seat.  We have a 400 seat house and all tickets were sold 9 days before we open... Discuss This Topic

We have a boat, throne, elephant, two-way plexi-glass mirror, bed for Il Muto, Daae gravestone and some other smaller pieces available.  I would be happy to send pictures to you if you are interested.... Discuss This Topic

This works great.  ... Discuss This Topic

We can have your backdrops printed and shipped to you via UPS. Choose our existing designs or send your artwork! Discuss This Topic  We have seen a lot of inquiries in the last 7 days for our rentals. Please contact us thru our website to insure that we can meet your needs.... Discuss This Topic

4 35 ft. X 20 ft. (approx.) handpainted backdrops are available for rent. 1 Egyptian inspired for Hannibal, 1 pastoral scene for ballet portion of Il Muto, 1 Louis style interior scene for FOP portion of Il Muto, and 1 arched cathedral scene for Don Juan.... Discuss This Topic

Set includes boat, candelabras, organ, throne, staircase, elephant, angle statue and rooftop doorway and full procenium and box seats that are replicas of the Paris Opera house.   Can all be broken down and made to travel.  For pictures vis... Discuss This Topic

12/21/11 08:50 PM

Email me if you are near So CA and you have an interest in renting our full size motorized Phantom gondola, our  7' x 4' two way acrylic mirror, our 60 wireless angel/candelabras, our co2 foggers, our Hannibal poster or our wireless music boxChaffey ... Discuss This Topic  Rental packages available 300 MI radius of NYC.  We have what you need. We provide rental quote promptly and work with school purchase orders.... Discuss This Topic

Hello, If you are looking for amazing set pieces, props, and wigs for your production of "The Phantom of The Opera," look no further. Visit Discuss This Topic

We are so thrilled to be able to offer these newly designed and built costumes for POTO!  Your actors/students will be thrilled to have the opportunity to wear costumes of this quality.... We want work with you AND your budget to give the you the mos... Discuss This Topic

11/08/11 07:01 AM

If you want to jumpstart your production of Phantom, take a look at our website. have ideas and rentals, and words of encouragement to offer. ... Discuss This Topic

Are you seriously considering staging Phantom of the Opera? From a tech theatre point of view, it can look overwhelming. We can help make your production a reality. We have for rent - the monkey jack in a box, 3 small backdrops for the "operas" withi... Discuss This Topic

10/25/11 03:17 PM

Beautiful set elements include pipe organ, two way mirrow gag, vanish chair, candleabra, monkey in box, and of couse the pahntom's ... Discuss This Topic

Cobalt Studios backdrop rentals has an Opera House interior backdrop that works well in smaller theatres or with 3-D set pieces. Visit our web site: or call: 845-583-7025 for more information.... Discuss This Topic

Our Phantom of the Opera Show Package was designed to give the director a coordinated set of Broadway caliber backdrops at an affordable price.  Please contact us for availability and price quotes.  We have this package available in 20x50. W... Discuss This Topic

Costume World, the nation's largest theatrical wardrober is pleased and proud to offer your organization costumes for Andrew Lloyd Webber's immortal PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. We are proud to offer the finest PHANTOM wardrobe anywhere in the world. We can ac... Discuss This Topic

Hello, If you are looking for amazing set pieces, props, and wigs for your production of "The Phantom of The Opera," look no further. Visit Discuss This Topic

06/02/11 10:58 AM

Magnificent chandelier for sale (best offer). Conestoga High School is located outside of Philadelphia, so you must pick it up from us. Email me for a picture and further [email protected] Discuss This Topic

We have just closed and have wonderful set, props and costumes for sale. We have a set and chandelier that will work without a fly system. We have boxes built that will mount against the wall or pit and lots more. Pictures can be viewed at http://www.bunc... Discuss This Topic

Beautiful costumes! New. Masks, wigs and footwear also available. Stage combat weaponry available as well as Stage combat director. Check us out on Facebook or contact us at [email protected] ... Discuss This Topic

Boat - This is actually a boat of many colors or uses...The boat frame is independent of the base which houses the steering and dual battery motorized drive and wheels). Wheels are completely hidden giving the illusion of floating on water). As a boat it ... Discuss This Topic

Beginning May 2011 we will have the majority of the Phantom set available for rental.  Pieces include a false proscenium, elephant, Dressing room wagon, organ, thone, candelabras, flying lair gate, boat, and Opera staircase.  Call Trent Wadswort... Discuss This Topic

Our school just closed PHANTOM. We have a great costume plot and....We have a few set pieces we are willing to part with. The following is a listing of what we have: 1. Phantom Boat (built on a motorized wheelchair base). Looks like it really floats on ai... Discuss This Topic

Music Theatre of Wichita has presented the alternate musical version "Phantom," and created a series of backdrops (55' high by 24' wide), sets, and props, some of which are also appropriate for the Andrew Lloyd Webber version of the story.  There is ... Discuss This Topic

04/05/11 11:04 AM

Does anyone offer Phantom of the Opera set rental?... Discuss This Topic

Costume Rental for The Phantom of the Opera... Discuss This Topic

Set Rental for The Phantom of the Opera... Discuss This Topic

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