Broadway-Quality ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Backdrops For Rent or Purchase
Posted by TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC
03/12/12 08:30 PM

TheatreWorld Backdrops is pleased to offer its Broadway-Quality ANNIE GET YOUR GUN backdrops for rent or purchase!

TheatreWorld Backdrops offers the finest backdrops at the most reasonable cost!  New drops added weekly!  Visit for the latest drops and more information! 

This stunning backdrop was inspired by the Broadway revival of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN originally starring Bernadette Peters and later Cheryl Ladd and Reba McEntire.  This srop fantastically depicts Buffalo Bill Cody's show-within-a-show, allowing the entire production of AGYG to be performed with only a single backdrop!  Also available in the nighttime version.  Other AGYG backdrops available as well.  Visit to browse all our drops!

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Posted by TheatreWorld B.
03/12/12 08:42 PM

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