Irving Berlin's America
Music and Lyrics by: Irving Berlin
Arranged by: Tim Berens
Arranged by: Jack Everly
Arranged by: Michael K. Runyan
Orchestration by: Tim Berens
Orchestration by: Jack Everly
Orchestration by: Michael K. Runyan
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3Fl(3rd doubles Picc), 2Ob(2nd doubles EH), 3Cl(3rd doubles BsCl), 2Bssn, 4331, Percussion, Harp, Piano/Celeste, Rhythm Bass (acoustic, amplified), Strings


Timapani, Drum Set, Orchestra Bells, F.D., Cymbals, G.C., Xylophone, Cymbal, Triangle, Chimes


This vocal medley contains the following songs: This Is A Great Country, This Is The Army, Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning, Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor and God Bless America