I Love A Piano
Music and Lyrics by: Irving Berlin
Orchestration by: Ted Firth
Arranged by: Tony DeSare
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C Major to Db Major




3FL(3rd doubles Picc), 2Ob(2nd doubles EH), 3Cl(3rd doubles BsCl), 2 Bssn, Sax I: Alt, Sax II: Alt, Sax III: Tnr, 4331, Percussion, Harp, Solo Piano, Rhythm Bass (acoustic, amplified), Strings


Timpani, Xylophone, Bass Drum, Orchestral Bells, Drum Set, Woodblock, Suspended Cymbal


This arrangement was originally conceived as a song featuring a baritone singer who also played the solo piano part. This double duty can be divided so that two soloists can be used - a baritone singer and a piano soloist. Please note that the solo piano part requires extensive improvisation and chord reading.