Irving Berlin: From Rags to Ritzes
Music and Lyrics by: Irving Berlin
Arranged by: Jack Everly
Arranged by: Tedd Firth
Arranged by: Fred Barton
Arranged by: Greg Anthony
Arranged by: Jerry Sheppard
Arranged by: Wayne Barker
Arranged by: Michael K. Runyan
Arranged by: Phillip Rothman
Arranged by: Tim Berens
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This package includes the following Concert Titles:

Title: Irving Berlin Overture
Title: There's No Business Like Show Business
Title: I Love A Piano
Title: What'll I Do
Title: Steppin' Out Medley
Title: Let's Face The Music and Dance
Title: Heat Wave
Title: Strolling Up The Avenue
Title: Holiday Medley
Title: Alexander's Ragtime Band
Title: Always
Title: Play A Simple Melody
Title: Sisters Medley
Title: Remeber (Instrumental)
Title: How Deep Is The Ocean
Title: Blue Skies
Title: Irving Berlin's America
Title: Encore (There's No Business Like Show Business / Alexander's Ragtime Band)




3Fl (3rd doubles Picc), 2Ob (2nd doubles EH), 3Cl (3rd doubles Bs Cl), 2Bssn, 4331, Percussion, Harp, Keyboard (doubles Celeste and Piano), Solo Piano, Alto Sax 1/Tenor Sax 1, Alto Sax 2/Tenor Sax 2, Tenor Sax/Bari Sax, Rhythm Bass (Stand Up), Strings


Bass Drum, Bell Tree, Bongo, Caixixi, Castanets, Claves, Congas, Chimes, Chinese Bell Tree, Cymbals (Pair), Drums, Drum Set, Field Drum, Guiro, Large Cowbell, Maracas, Marimba, Orchestral Bells, Ratchet, Sandpaper Blocks, Sleigh Bells, Small Triangle, Tam Tam, Small Triangle, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Temple Block, Triangle, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, Wind Chimes, Wood Block, Xylophone


This package features 3 male vocalists (one of which who plays solo piano) and 2 female vocalists. The piano solos (many of which are improvised) can be played by a performer other than the male vocalist.