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Music by: Richard Rodgers
Arranged by: Erik Leidzen
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Piccolo in C, Piccolo in Db, 1st Flute, 2nd Flute, 1st Oboe, 2nd Oboe, 1st Bassoon, 2nd Bassoon, Eb Clarinet, Solo and 1st Bb Clarinet, 2nd Clarinet in Bb, 3rd Clarinet in Bb, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, 1st Eb Alto Sax, 2nd Eb Alto Sax, Bb Tenor Sax, Eb Bari Sax, Solo and 1st Bb Cornet, 2nd Cornet in Bb, 3rd Cornet in Bb, 1st Horn in Eb, 2nd Horn in Eb, 3rd Horn in Eb, 4th Horn in Eb, 1st Horn in F, 2nd Horn in F, 3rd Horn in F, 4th Horn in F, 1st Bb Trumpet, 2nd Bb Trumpet, 1st Trombone, 2nd Trombone, 3rd (Bass) Trombone, Baritone (Treble Clef), Euphonium (Bass Clef), Basses (Tubas), String Bass, Timpani, Drums