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Your favorite musicals now have brand-new iconic artwork, bringing the professional look of Broadway straight to your theater. For the first time ever, Rodgers & Hammerstein offers you show posters, print ads, Facebook graphics, and marketing materials - all available in customizable formats.

This new official artwork gives a modern look to the classic R&H shows, drawing from the notability of historic images and provides an affordable alternative to hiring your own designer.

At clear, high resolutions, these graphics give you broad flexibility for edits, and come in even larger formats by specific request.

So how can this artwork be customized to fit your production?

If your theater uses Adobe Photoshop, layered graphic files will give you full editing capability, as well as guiding notes. The graphic elements separate, letting you rearrange design components while cropping or resizing the image. Each show's iconic title treatment can be used by itself, or paired with other parts of the poster. Add the title treatment to your production photos, for an even more personalized look.

But even without Photoshop, flat images are available. We designed these flat graphics to let you customize them with even the simplest free paint or photo editing program. You can type over the graphics to add show dates, directions, and other essential information.

All artwork files come with detailed step-by-step text and video instructions.

Whether your choose our versatile layered artwork or our easy-to-edit flattened files, Rodgers & Hammerstein offers you simple execution for a look that will dazzle your fans.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]m

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Headers - Layered Graphics
Format: .PSD
Price: $90.00

Bring your show online in a big way with this header package – including Profile and Cover graphics for Facebook and Twitter, as well as a horizontal graphic for your theater’s website and other social media platforms.

Don't worry about formatting your show art to fit Social Media specifications: These graphics come pre-sized for Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t worry about optimizing the color format, size and resolution. These files are already optimized for online viewing.

Don't worry about your Twitter icon or Facebook profile photo blocking an important part of your header graphic. We've made sure that all Profile and Cover graphics complement each other, giving your social media platforms a planned and professional look.

Don't worry about needing to customize files further – these layered .PSD files are ready to edit in Photoshop, letting you rearrange elements of the graphic and create new room for text, theater logos, and other elements.


  • Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo
  • Twitter Header Photo and Profile Photo
  • Customizable Website Header

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