R&H Theatricals hereby grants to you a non-exclusive right to use the licensed artwork to be provided to you (the "Artwork") in connection with your production of the Play pursuant to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.  Upon your agreement to the Artwork terms of usage, a fee will be added to your booking order, payable promptly upon receipt of your updated invoice.  Said Artwork  fee shall become non-refundable upon your receipt of the Artwork files.  The Artwork may only be used by you on house boards, posters, fliers, window cards, programs and in all other advertising and publicity materials prepared by you in connection with your production of the Play.   In addition, the Artwork may only be used during the period commencing upon your receipt of the Artwork and terminating immediately following the Closing Date (the “Term”).  As a condition to use the Artwork, you agree:


1. Not to make any alterations in the Artwork as provided to you by R&H Theatricals.
2. Not to provide the Artwork or copies thereof to any third party.
3. Not to authorize any third party to use the Artwork for any purpose whatsoever.
4. Not to use the Artwork on any website or via the Internet, except that during the Term, you may use the Artwork on websites solely to promote your production of the Play. 
5. To obtain prior written approval for any other use of the Artwork not specifically granted herein including, without limitation, for use of the Artwork in connection with merchandise or any future production of the Play.  Said request(s) should be sent to Brian Sherman at

In the event you shall breach any of the provisions set forth herein, the rights herein granted to you shall automatically terminate, without prejudice to our right to recover damages and obtain such other relief as we may be entitled to including, without limitation, a penalty of not less than $600.00.

Upon termination hereunder, you shall cease to have any rights to use the Artwork including, without limitation, in connection with a future production of the Play.