SHOW BOAT was back on Broadway in 1946, and Bill Hammerstein was there too, fresh from four years' active service in the U.S. Navy (doing research, he later quipped, for SOUTH PACIFIC). Read more →

Vaunting twelve years of Republican rule, a new Democrat sweeps into Washington Read more →

As anyone who has ever worked in the musical theatre can attest, there are few moments in the production process as exhilarating as hearing the orchestra for the first time. Read more →

Broadway Angel, a division of Angel Records, will release the 1994 Broadway cast album of CAROUSEL in June. Read more →

From Laurey and Curly in the surrey with the fringe on top, to Maria atop her mountain, classic images in brand new formats grace the covers of a dozen Rodgers & Hammerstein songbooks published by Williamson Music. Read more →

Summer is a banner season for The R&H Concert Library, as hundreds of orchestras across the country take their music outdoors and perform in parks, bandshells and amphitheatres. Read more →

"CAROUSEL will be 50 next year, but as of this morning it is the freshest, most innovative musical on Broadway." Read more →

On Saturday March 19 on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Symphony Space presented its 24th annual day-long "Wall to Wall" concert symposium event, this year devoted to the words and music of Irving Berlin. Read more →

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