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When is this version of the show going to be available for licensing?
Posted by Nile C. Kinnick High School - 9/9/2017
Her talent was huge. Rest in peace Florence. You did the theater and TV proud. Classy lady.
Posted by Monroe Community Players - 7/29/2017
Our community theater would like to do the show in November 2018. Thank you River Valley Place
Posted by River Valley Players - 5/1/2017
Is there any possibility that Holiday Inn will be released for Amateur performances by the Spring of 2018? I would like to do this show in March of 2018. PLEASE let me know. THANKS
Posted by West Forsyth High School - 8/10/2017
The return address is in Minnesota - is this correct? Also, I'm not seeing a place I can print out another return label for the orchestration. Do I send that to the same address in Minnesota? Norma B
Posted by Trinity Christian Academy - 4/25/2017
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