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ANNIE GET YOUR GUN at Goodspeed Musicals

Jenn Gambatese as Annie Oakley

From Goodspeed Landing, Connecticut. So ANNIE GET YOU GUN was put before an audience last Friday, and the crowd enjoyed it immensely. Funny thing about Goodspeed Musicals – the system there is so well oiled, that the first performance in front of an audience behaved like an opening night, with many members of the Board of Trustees (I'm one) celebrating afterwards along with the cast and creative staff and even a reporter from the Hartford Courant. And the cast was ready for an audience, finding the laughs, some of which were clearly a little surprising. (I had a feeling by Saturday's matinee there would be a handful more…it's so funny that no matter what the reaction is without an audience, there are always surprises to be found, even if you know the material…and think you know where the laughs are…) Now I can say it publically: the production is a delight. I'm impressed with the caliber of the cast that Goodspeed assembled, from Jenn Gambatese (Annie) and Kevin Earley (Frank Butler) right down to the three children who play Annie's ragamuffins. And the physical production is grand. Anyone who has stood on that tiny stage – and while I don't know the actual dimensions, I can say that the first time I ever stood on it I thought, "how do they ever do productions up here?" – it's pretty miraculous what they have accomplished. So Annie Oakley and Frank Butler and their cast of cronies have planted their tents on the side of the Connecticut River until June 27th. And they'll battle it out eight times a week. And, of course, the winner of the shooting match is… well…


Jenn Gambatese and Kevin Early as Annie Oakley and Frank Butler

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